An enchanting place near Custoza where you can rediscover traditional Veronese dishes, but also an innovative cuisine, in a mix of combinations and flavors from all over the world.

Ca’ del Pea (from the name of the locality “Ca’ del Pepe” in Sommacampagna, Verona) was born in 2010 as a family-run farmhouse restaurant, led by young Michele and Gian Marco (aged 18 and 16 respectively at the time), with the support of their parents and grandparents.

A project based, right from the start, on quality, zero-kilometer ingredients, and on the love for a traditional cuisine that evolves step by step. With new ideas and creations, the result of experience and skills acquired over time…

The evolution of our farmhouse

This is how Ca’ del Pea has benn enriched with increasingly refined and original culinary proposals, careful to enhance local raw materials but also to give space to inspirations from international countries. he evolution of a journey that started from afar, and which still maintains its own production of many ingredients (from fruit, vegetables, oil and wine).

A place where you can rediscover ancient flavors and discover new ones Where you can enjoy refined cuisine and high quality grilled meat (another flagship of the place) On a journey of taste, all to be experienced.

Ca’ del Pea is the ideal choice for those who want to spend a few hours relaxing, in a modern environment that has preserved its origins (is still present the old powder keg from the 1950s, which was used for gunpowder for anti-hail rockets). The splendid outdoor terrace, which overlooks Verona, gives an additional touch of charm and magic, for an unforgettable experience.